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Adobe XD UI Design Course in Mianwali

Introduction to Adobe XD

  • Overview of Adobe XD and its place in the design ecosystem
  • Installing and setting up Adobe XD
  • Navigating the interface: Toolbar, Property Inspector, and Layers panel
  • Understanding Artboards and Canvas

Basics of UI Design

  • Principles of UI/UX design
  • Wireframing basics
  • Prototyping basics
  • Understanding user flow and interaction design

Working with Artboards

  • Creating and managing Artboards
  • Setting up responsive resize
  • Using grids and guides for alignment
  • Creating fixed elements

Creating and Managing Assets

  • Importing and using images
  • Creating and editing vector graphics
  • Using Adobe XD’s Pen tool
  • Working with shapes and text

Designing UI Elements

  • Creating buttons, icons, and other UI components
  • Using Repeat Grid for repeating elements
  • Creating and applying colors, gradients, and shadows
  • Managing assets with the Assets panel (colors, character styles, components)

Advanced Prototyping

  • Linking Artboards to create interactive prototypes
  • Creating overlays and modal dialogs
  • Using Auto-Animate for smooth transitions
  • Adding micro-interactions and animations

Components and Design Systems

  • Creating reusable components (symbols)
  • Using component states for interactive elements
  • Building and maintaining a design system
  • Sharing and reusing components across projects

Collaboration and Feedback

  • Sharing designs and prototypes for feedback
  • Using Comments and version history
  • Working with design tokens
  • Collaborating with developers using Design Specs

User Testing

  • Creating user testing scenarios
  • Recording user interactions
  • Analyzing feedback to improve design

Integrations and Plugins

  • Using Adobe XD plugins for extended functionality
  • Integrating with other Adobe tools (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Using third-party integrations (Zeplin, Avocode)

Exporting and Handing Off Designs

  • Exporting assets for development
  • Generating design specs for developers
  • Best practices for handing off designs

Real-world Projects

  • Designing a mobile app from scratch
  • Creating a responsive website
  • Redesigning an existing interface
  • Presenting a design project to stakeholders

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