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Programming Fundamentals Course in Mianwali (tuition)

Programming Fundamentals course outlines

Here’s a general outline for a “Programming Fundamentals” course:
Programming Fundamentals Course Outline

1. Introduction to Programming

Overview of programming languages
History and evolution of programming
Importance of programming in the modern world

2. Basic Concepts

Understanding algorithms and flowcharts
Basics of computer operations
Introduction to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

3. Data Types and Variables

Primitive data types (int, float, char, etc.)
Declaring and initializing variables
Constants and literals
Type casting and type conversion

4. Operators and Expressions

Arithmetic operators
Relational operators
Logical operators
Assignment operators
Bitwise operators
Operator precedence and associativity

5. Input and Output Operations

Standard input and output
Formatting output
Using libraries for input and output

6. Control Structures

Decision making (if, if-else, nested if, switch)
Looping (while, do-while, for)
Break and continue statements
Nested loops

7. Functions

Defining and calling functions
Function arguments and return values
Scope of variables
Inline functions and function overloading

8. Arrays and Strings

Declaring and initializing arrays
Multi-dimensional arrays
String handling and operations
Arrays of strings

9. Pointers (optional for beginner courses)

Introduction to pointers
Pointer arithmetic
Pointers and arrays
Pointers to functions

10. Structures and Unions

Defining structures
Accessing structure members
Array of structures

11. File Handling

File operations (opening, closing, reading, writing)
File modes
Error handling during file operations

12. Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) (Optional)

Basic concepts of OOP
Classes and objects
Constructors and destructors
Inheritance and polymorphism

13. Debugging and Testing

Common programming errors
Debugging techniques
Writing test cases
Using debugging tools

14. Final Project

Project planning and design
Implementing the project
Testing and debugging the project
Documentation and presentation

15. Review and Advanced Topics (Optional)

Review of key concepts
Introduction to advanced programming topics (e.g., data structures, algorithms, etc.)
Preparing for further studies in programming

Additional Resources


“Introduction to Programming in Java” by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne
“C Programming: A Modern Approach” by K.N. King

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