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Advanced Object Oriented Programming Course in Mianwali

Course Title: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Course Overview:
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming delves into more sophisticated concepts and techniques in software development using object-oriented principles. Students will learn advanced topics such as design patterns, polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, and encapsulation. The course focuses on applying these concepts to real-world software projects and problem-solving scenarios.

Course Objectives:

Master advanced concepts of object-oriented programming.
Understand and apply design patterns for software development.
Explore topics like polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation in depth.
Learn about abstraction techniques and interface design.
Gain practical experience through hands-on projects and programming assignments.
Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in software design.
Course Outline:

Review of Object-Oriented Principles

Recap of basic OOP concepts (classes, objects, methods, attributes)
Inheritance and polymorphism overview
Encapsulation and data hiding
Advanced Inheritance and Polymorphism

Multiple inheritance and its challenges
Method overriding and dynamic polymorphism
Abstract classes and interfaces
Design Patterns

Introduction to design patterns (Creational, Structural, Behavioral)
Singleton, Factory, Builder, Adapter, Observer, Strategy, etc.
Applying design patterns in software design and development
Exception Handling and Error Management

Handling exceptions in OOP languages
Custom exception classes and error reporting
Best practices for error handling and recovery
Advanced Abstraction Techniques

Encapsulation and information hiding revisited
Data abstraction vs. procedural abstraction
Using abstract classes and interfaces effectively
Generic Programming

Introduction to generics in programming languages
Generic classes, methods, and interfaces
Benefits and limitations of generic programming
Concurrency and Multithreading

Overview of concurrent programming concepts
Thread synchronization techniques (locks, semaphores, monitors)
Multithreading in OOP and its challenges
Database Integration and ORM

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) frameworks
Database connectivity in OOP languages
CRUD operations and transaction management
Advanced Software Development Practices

Software design principles (SOLID principles, DRY, KISS, YAGNI)
Unit testing and test-driven development (TDD)
Version control systems and collaboration tools
Project Work and Case Studies

Designing and implementing a complex software project using OOP concepts
Analyzing and refactoring existing codebases
Case studies of software design patterns in real-world applications
Assessment Methods:

Programming assignments and projects demonstrating advanced OOP concepts.
Design pattern implementations and analysis.
Unit testing and code quality assessments.
Participation in code reviews, discussions, and problem-solving sessions.

“Head First Design Patterns” by Eric Freeman, Elisabeth Robson, Bert Bates, and Kathy Sierra

“Effective Java” by Joshua Bloch
Online tutorials and resources on advanced OOP concepts and design patterns

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