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Artificial Intelligence Course in Mianwali

Artificial Intelligence Course Outline
I. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
Overview of AI
Definition and goals of AI
History and evolution of AI
AI applications in various fields
AI Concepts and Terminology
Intelligent agents and environments
Rationality and autonomy
Ethics and societal impacts of AI
II. Problem Solving and Search
Problem-Solving Agents
Problem formulation
Example problems (e.g., puzzles, games)
Uninformed Search Strategies
Breadth-first search
Depth-first search
Uniform-cost search
Depth-limited search and iterative deepening
Informed Search Strategies
Greedy best-first search
A* search
Heuristics and heuristic functions
Adversarial Search
Minimax algorithm
Alpha-beta pruning
Game theory and strategic interactions
III. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Logic and Inference
Propositional logic
First-order logic
Inference rules and techniques
Knowledge Representation
Semantic networks
Frames and scripts
Ontologies and taxonomies
Reasoning Systems
Rule-based systems
Forward and backward chaining
Non-monotonic reasoning and default logic
IV. Machine Learning
Introduction to Machine Learning
Definition and types of learning (supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement)
Overview of machine learning process
Supervised Learning
Regression (linear regression, polynomial regression)
Classification (decision trees, k-nearest neighbors, support vector machines)
Evaluation metrics (accuracy, precision, recall, F1-score)
Unsupervised Learning
Clustering (k-means, hierarchical clustering)
Dimensionality reduction (PCA, t-SNE)
Reinforcement Learning
Markov decision processes (MDPs)
Q-learning and temporal-difference learning
Policy gradients and deep reinforcement learning
V. Neural Networks and Deep Learning
Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)
Perceptrons and multilayer perceptrons (MLP)
Backpropagation and training algorithms
Deep Learning
Convolutional neural networks (CNNs)
Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) and LSTM
Generative adversarial networks (GANs)
Deep Learning Frameworks
TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
Model training and evaluation
VI. Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Introduction to NLP
Text preprocessing (tokenization, stemming, lemmatization)
Part-of-speech tagging and named entity recognition
Statistical NLP
Language models and n-grams
Hidden Markov models (HMM) and Viterbi algorithm
Deep Learning for NLP
Word embeddings (Word2Vec, GloVe)
Sequence-to-sequence models
Transformers and BERT
VII. Computer Vision
Introduction to Computer Vision
Image processing basics (filtering, edge detection)
Feature extraction (SIFT, SURF)
Deep Learning for Computer Vision
CNN architectures (AlexNet, VGG, ResNet)
Object detection (R-CNN, YOLO, SSD)
Image generation and style transfer
VIII. Robotics and Autonomous Systems
Introduction to Robotics
Components of a robotic system
Kinematics and dynamics
Robot Perception and Sensing
Sensors and sensor fusion
Computer vision in robotics
Robot Planning and Control
Path planning algorithms (Dijkstra, A*)
Motion planning and control
IX. AI Ethics and Society
Ethical Considerations in AI
Bias and fairness in AI
Privacy and surveillance
AI and Society
Impact on employment and economy
Legal and regulatory issues
AI for social good
X. Practical Applications and Projects
Hands-On Labs and Simulations
Implementing AI algorithms
Using AI frameworks and tools
Capstone Project
Identifying a real-world problem
Designing and implementing an AI solution
Project presentation and evaluation
XI. Future Trends in AI
Emerging Technologies
Quantum computing and AI
AI in IoT and edge computing
Research Frontiers
Explainable AI (XAI)
AI and creativity (art, music, literature)
AI and human augmentation
XII. Further Learning Resources
Books and Online Courses
Recommended readings
Online platforms for further learning
Practice Websites and Coding Challenges
Platforms for AI competitions (Kaggle, DrivenData)
Community Support and Forums
AI research communities
Online forums and discussion groups

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