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Game Development Course in Mianwali

Game Development Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Game Development

Week 1: Overview of Game Development

History and Evolution of Video Games
Types and Genres of Video Games
The Game Development Process: Concept to Launch
Week 2: Game Design Fundamentals

Game Mechanics and Dynamics
Storytelling and Narrative in Games
Level Design and World Building
Module 2: Game Development Tools and Technologies

Week 3: Game Engines

Introduction to Game Engines: Unity, Unreal Engine
Choosing the Right Game Engine for Your Project
Basic Navigation and Setup
Week 4: Programming for Games

Introduction to Game Programming Languages: C#, C++, Python
Scripting Basics in Unity and Unreal Engine
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts in Game Development
Module 3: Graphics and Animation

Week 5: 2D Game Development

Creating and Importing 2D Assets
2D Animation Techniques
Building 2D Game Levels
Week 6: 3D Game Development

Creating and Importing 3D Models
3D Animation and Rigging
Building 3D Game Levels
Module 4: Audio and User Interface

Week 7: Game Audio

Importance of Sound in Games
Creating and Editing Sound Effects and Music
Implementing Audio in Game Engines
Week 8: User Interface Design

Principles of User Interface Design for Games
Creating Menus, HUDs, and In-Game Interfaces
Implementing UI in Game Engines
Module 5: Advanced Game Development Concepts

Week 9: Physics and Collision Detection

Basic Physics in Games: Gravity, Forces, and Motion
Collision Detection and Response
Implementing Physics in Game Engines
Week 10: Artificial Intelligence in Games

Fundamentals of AI in Games
Creating NPC Behaviors and Pathfinding
Implementing AI in Game Engines
Module 6: Multiplayer and Networked Games

Week 11: Introduction to Multiplayer Games

Concepts of Multiplayer Game Design
Networking Basics for Games
Implementing Multiplayer Features in Game Engines
Week 12: Advanced Networking Techniques

Synchronization and Latency Handling
Matchmaking and Lobby Systems
Security Considerations in Multiplayer Games
Module 7: Game Testing and Optimization

Week 13: Game Testing

Importance of Game Testing
Types of Game Testing: Alpha, Beta, Playtesting
Bug Tracking and Management
Week 14: Performance Optimization

Optimizing Graphics and Animation
Reducing Load Times and Memory Usage
Best Practices for Game Performance
Module 8: Game Publishing and Marketing

Week 15: Game Publishing

Platforms for Game Publishing: Steam, App Store, Google Play
Preparing Your Game for Release
Post-Launch Support and Updates
Week 16: Game Marketing

Building a Marketing Strategy for Your Game
Utilizing Social Media and Community Engagement
Press Kits and Launch Events
Module 9: Capstone Project

Week 17-18: Final Project

Planning and Designing Your Own Game
Development and Iteration
Final Presentation and Feedback
Course Wrap-Up

Review of Key Concepts and Techniques
Future Learning Paths and Career Opportunities in Game Development
Course Conclusion and Certificate of Completion

Admission Open for this course 
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