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Programming Labs Course in Mianwali

Course Title: Programming Labs
Module 1: Introduction to Programming

Introduction to Programming Concepts

Variables and data types
Basic syntax and structure of a programming language (e.g., Python, Java)
Input and output operations
Control Structures

Conditional statements (if, else if, else)
Looping constructs (for, while)
Nested control structures
Basic Algorithms and Problem Solving

Algorithmic thinking and pseudocode
Simple algorithms: sorting, searching
Debugging and error handling
Lab Activities

Writing and running basic programs
Implementing control structures in small projects
Simple algorithm implementation and testing
Module 2: Object-Oriented Programming

Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Classes and objects
Encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
Constructors and destructors
Advanced Object-Oriented Techniques

Overloading and overriding methods
Abstract classes and interfaces
Composition and aggregation
Lab Activities

Creating and using classes and objects
Implementing inheritance and polymorphism
Designing and implementing a simple object-oriented project
Module 3: Data Structures and Algorithms

Introduction to Data Structures

Arrays and lists
Stacks and queues
Linked lists
Advanced Data Structures

Trees and graphs
Hash tables

Sorting algorithms (quick sort, merge sort, etc.)
Search algorithms (binary search, depth-first search, etc.)
Algorithm complexity and Big O notation
Lab Activities

Implementing and manipulating basic data structures
Writing and testing sorting and search algorithms
Analyzing algorithm performance
Module 4: Web Development

Introduction to Web Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript basics
Building static web pages
Introduction to web servers and hosting
Dynamic Web Development

Client-server architecture
Introduction to backend development (e.g., Node.js, Django)
Database integration (SQL, NoSQL)
Advanced Web Development

RESTful APIs and web services
Single-page applications (SPAs)
Security considerations in web development
Lab Activities

Creating and styling web pages
Developing a simple dynamic web application
Integrating a database with a web application
Module 5: Software Development and Testing

Software Development Methodologies

Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall
Version control systems (Git)
Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)
Testing and Debugging

Unit testing and test-driven development (TDD)
Integration testing
Debugging techniques and tools
Project Management

Requirements gathering and analysis
Project planning and tracking
Collaboration and communication tools
Lab Activities

Setting up and using version control
Writing and running unit tests
Managing a small software development project using Agile principles
Module 6: Advanced Programming Topics

Introduction to Functional Programming

Functional programming concepts
Lambda expressions and higher-order functions
Immutability and pure functions
Concurrency and Parallelism

Threads and processes
Synchronization and deadlocks
Parallel programming techniques
Software Design Patterns

Common design patterns (Singleton, Factory, Observer, etc.)
Application of design patterns in software development
Benefits and drawbacks of design patterns
Lab Activities

Implementing functional programming constructs
Developing multi-threaded applications
Applying design patterns to solve programming problems
Module 7: Capstone Project

Project Planning and Proposal

Choosing a project topic
Defining project scope and objectives
Creating a project plan and timeline
Implementation and Development

Designing the project architecture
Coding and testing the project
Iterative development and feedback
Final Presentation and Evaluation

Preparing a project presentation
Demonstrating the project to peers and instructors
Receiving and incorporating feedback
Review and Reflection

Peer reviews and discussions
Reflecting on the learning experience
Planning for future development and learning

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