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Quantum Computing Course in Mianwali

Quantum Computing Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to Quantum Computing

Week 1: Foundations of Quantum Computing

History and Overview of Quantum Computing
Differences Between Classical and Quantum Computing
Key Concepts: Qubits, Superposition, and Entanglement
Week 2: Quantum Mechanics Basics

Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum States and Qubit Representation
Quantum Gates and Circuits
Module 2: Quantum Algorithms

Week 3: Basic Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Parallelism
Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm
Grover’s Search Algorithm
Week 4: Advanced Quantum Algorithms

Shor’s Algorithm for Factoring
Quantum Fourier Transform
Quantum Phase Estimation
Module 3: Quantum Hardware

Week 5: Quantum Computing Architectures

Quantum Gate Model
Quantum Annealing
Topological Quantum Computing
Week 6: Physical Implementations of Qubits

Superconducting Qubits
Trapped Ions
Photonic Quantum Computing
Module 4: Quantum Programming

Week 7: Quantum Programming Basics

Introduction to Quantum Programming Languages: Qiskit, Cirq, and Q#
Building Quantum Circuits
Running Quantum Programs on Simulators
Week 8: Advanced Quantum Programming

Quantum Error Correction
Quantum Noise and Decoherence
Optimizing Quantum Circuits
Module 5: Applications of Quantum Computing

Week 9: Quantum Computing in Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography: BB84 Protocol
Quantum Key Distribution
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Week 10: Quantum Computing in Optimization

Quantum Annealing for Optimization Problems
Quantum Algorithms for Optimization
Practical Applications: Finance, Logistics, and Supply Chain
Module 6: Future of Quantum Computing

Week 11: Challenges and Limitations

Scalability and Error Rates
Hardware Limitations
Software and Algorithmic Challenges
Week 12: Future Trends and Research Directions

Quantum Supremacy and Beyond
Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing
Emerging Quantum Technologies
Module 7: Practical Applications and Case Studies

Week 13: Case Studies in Scientific Research

Quantum Computing in Physics and Chemistry
Quantum Simulations of Molecules
Applications in Material Science
Week 14: Industry Applications

Quantum Computing in Machine Learning
Quantum Computing in Healthcare
Quantum Computing in Artificial Intelligence
Week 15: Course Review and Final Project

Review of Key Concepts and Algorithms
Final Project Presentations and Discussions
Course Wrap-up and Future Learning Paths

Admission Open for this course
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