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RStudio course in Mianwali

Course Overview: RStudio
Course Description
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to RStudio, an integrated development environment (IDE) specifically designed for working with R, a powerful programming language for statistical computing and data analysis. Students will learn how to set up, navigate, and effectively use RStudio for data manipulation, visualization, statistical modeling, and report generation. The course covers essential features, packages, debugging tools, version control integration, and productivity tips to help students maximize their efficiency with RStudio.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

Install and configure R and RStudio.
Navigate the RStudio interface and utilize its core features.
Write and execute R scripts for data analysis and visualization.
Utilize RStudio’s integrated tools for statistical modeling and machine learning.
Customize RStudio to suit their workflow with themes, add-ins, and settings.
Collaborate on projects using version control systems like Git within RStudio.
Optimize their workflow with productivity tools, keyboard shortcuts, and RStudio extensions.
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to RStudio and R
Overview of R and its applications in data analysis
Installing R and RStudio on different operating systems
Understanding the RStudio interface (console, script editor, environment, files pane)
Setting up your first R project
Module 2: Basic Data Manipulation and Visualization
Importing and exporting data in RStudio
Basic data manipulation with dplyr and tidyr
Creating plots and charts with ggplot2
Using R Markdown for reproducible reports
Module 3: Advanced Data Analysis and Modeling
Performing statistical analysis with built-in functions
Using packages like caret for machine learning tasks
Visualizing complex data with advanced ggplot2 techniques
Working with large datasets and optimization techniques
Module 4: RStudio Extensions and Customization
Installing and managing R packages with CRAN and Bioconductor
Customizing RStudio with themes, add-ins, and keyboard shortcuts
Enhancing productivity with RStudio snippets and templates
Using Shiny for interactive web applications with RStudio
Module 5: Version Control and Collaboration
Introduction to version control with Git and GitHub
Setting up Git within RStudio
Cloning repositories and managing branches
Committing, pushing, and pulling changes
Resolving merge conflicts and collaborating on projects
Module 6: Advanced Topics in RStudio
Using RStudio Server for remote access and collaboration
Developing packages with devtools and roxygen2
Integrating with databases using RMySQL and DBI
Working with APIs and web services in RStudio
Module 7: Project Work and Case Studies
Hands-on projects: Data analysis and visualization tasks
Real-world case studies of RStudio usage in research and industry
Peer review and feedback sessions
Quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning.
Mid-course projects applying RStudio concepts to real datasets.
Final project: Developing a comprehensive data analysis project using RStudio.
Basic understanding of statistics and data analysis concepts.
Familiarity with programming concepts (preferably in R, but not required).
Resources Provided
Course textbook and supplementary materials.
Access to online datasets and sample projects.
Online forums for discussion and support.

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