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GitHub course in Mianwali

Course Overview: GitHub
Course Description
This course provides an in-depth introduction to GitHub, the popular platform for version control and collaboration. Students will learn how to effectively use GitHub for managing code, collaborating with others, and automating workflows. The course covers key features of GitHub, including repositories, branches, pull requests, issues, and GitHub Actions. Hands-on exercises and projects will help students gain practical experience.

Learning Objectives
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

Understand the basics of Git and how it integrates with GitHub.
Create and manage repositories on GitHub.
Collaborate with others using forks, branches, and pull requests.
Manage project tasks and bugs using GitHub Issues.
Use GitHub Actions to automate workflows.
Implement GitHub Pages for project documentation and websites.
Utilize best practices for maintaining and organizing repositories.
Course Outline
Module 1: Introduction to GitHub
Overview of GitHub and its features
Differences between Git and GitHub
Setting up a GitHub account
Navigating the GitHub interface
Module 2: Working with Repositories
Creating a new repository
Cloning, forking, and managing repositories
Understanding repository settings
Using .gitignore to manage untracked files
Module 3: Basic Git and GitHub Workflow
Committing and pushing changes
Understanding branches in GitHub
Creating and merging pull requests
Managing merge conflicts on GitHub
Module 4: Collaboration on GitHub
Collaborating using forks and pull requests
Code review processes
Managing team permissions and collaborators
Using GitHub Projects for task management
Module 5: Issues and Project Management
Creating and managing GitHub Issues
Labeling, assigning, and closing issues
Milestones and project boards
Linking issues and pull requests
Module 6: Advanced GitHub Features
GitHub Actions for CI/CD
Writing custom workflows and actions
Using GitHub Packages for dependency management
Exploring GitHub Marketplace
Module 7: Documentation and GitHub Pages
Creating and managing README files
Using Markdown for documentation
Setting up GitHub Pages for project documentation
Customizing GitHub Pages with Jekyll
Module 8: Security and Best Practices
Managing repository settings and access control
Understanding GitHub security features
Best practices for maintaining repositories
Automating repository maintenance tasks
Module 9: Project Work and Case Studies
Hands-on project: Setting up a collaborative project on GitHub
Real-world case studies of GitHub usage in professional projects
Peer review and feedback sessions
Quizzes and assignments to reinforce learning.
Mid-course project to apply GitHub concepts.
Final project: Manage a collaborative project using GitHub features.
Basic understanding of Git and version control.
Familiarity with command-line interfaces is helpful but not required.
Resources Provided
Course textbook and supplementary materials.
Access to online repositories for practice.
Online forums for discussion and support.

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