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Microsoft Outlook course in Mianwali

Basic Level
Introduction to Outlook

Understanding the Outlook interface
Navigating through different Outlook modules (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks)
Setting up an email account
Email Management

Composing, sending, and receiving emails
Organizing emails using folders and categories
Using search and filter options
Setting up and managing email signatures
Calendar Basics

Creating and managing appointments and meetings
Using the calendar to schedule events
Sharing and managing calendars
Contacts Management

Adding and managing contacts
Creating contact groups
Using the address book
Tasks and To-Do Lists

Creating and managing tasks
Setting task priorities and deadlines
Using the To-Do Bar
Intermediate Level
Advanced Email Techniques

Using rules and alerts to manage email
Setting up automatic replies (Out of Office)
Using Quick Steps for repetitive tasks
Archiving and retrieving emails
Calendar Advanced Features

Scheduling recurring appointments and meetings
Using calendar views and printing calendars
Managing calendar permissions and sharing
Contacts and Address Book

Importing and exporting contacts
Managing contact information
Using contact groups for mass emails
Task Management

Using task views and filters
Assigning tasks to others
Tracking task progress
Advanced Level
Email Organization and Productivity

Advanced email search techniques
Using categories and flags for better organization
Managing large volumes of email efficiently
Calendar and Scheduling

Advanced scheduling tools
Using calendar overlays and multiple calendars
Integrating calendar with other Office applications
Advanced Contacts Management

Customizing contact forms and fields
Using advanced search and filter options for contacts
Synchronizing contacts with other devices and applications
Advanced Tasks and Projects

Using task dependencies and milestones
Integrating tasks with other Office applications
Advanced task tracking and reporting
Specialized Topics
Outlook for Business

Managing business communications
Using Outlook for project management
Integrating Outlook with CRM systems
Outlook for Teams

Collaborating using shared mailboxes and calendars
Using Outlook with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint
Managing group schedules and tasks
Security and Compliance

Managing email encryption and digital signatures
Setting up and managing data retention policies
Understanding GDPR and compliance requirements
Customization and Integration

Customizing the Outlook interface and options
Using add-ins and third-party tools
Integrating Outlook with other Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, OneNote)

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