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Microsoft PowerPoint course in Mianwali

Basic Level
Introduction to PowerPoint

Understanding the PowerPoint interface
Creating a new presentation
Navigating through slides
Creating and Managing Slides

Adding and editing text
Formatting text and paragraphs
Inserting and managing slides
Working with Themes and Layouts

Applying and customizing themes
Using slide layouts effectively
Customizing slide backgrounds
Adding Visual Elements

Inserting images, shapes, and icons
Working with SmartArt graphics
Adding and formatting charts
Basic Animations and Transitions

Applying transitions between slides
Using basic animations on objects
Customizing animation effects
Intermediate Level
Advanced Slide Design

Using the Slide Master for consistent design
Customizing slide layouts and themes
Creating custom templates
Multimedia Elements

Inserting and editing audio and video
Creating and managing hyperlinks
Using multimedia to enhance presentations
Advanced Animations and Transitions

Advanced animation techniques
Custom animation paths
Using the Animation Pane
Collaboration and Sharing

Co-authoring presentations
Commenting and reviewing changes
Sharing presentations online
Advanced Level
Advanced Presentation Techniques

Creating interactive presentations
Using advanced slide transitions
Building custom shows within a presentation
Data Integration

Embedding and linking Excel data
Using tables and charts from other Office applications
Integrating PowerPoint with other tools (e.g., Power BI)
Presentation Delivery

Setting up and customizing slide shows
Using Presenter View effectively
Techniques for delivering impactful presentations
Tips and Tricks

Keyboard shortcuts and productivity tips
Designing visually appealing slides
Best practices for engaging presentations
Specialized Topics
Business Presentations

Creating persuasive business presentations
Using storytelling techniques
Designing professional business slides
Educational Presentations

Developing educational and training materials
Using interactive elements for learning
Creating quizzes and assessments
Marketing Presentations

Designing marketing and sales decks
Using visuals to support marketing messages
Creating branded presentations

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